Full service environment

ChangeMaker is ready to support you off the shelf in no time. Decide today, start tomorrow.

Is there anything else we can do for you: Would you like a helping hand in getting your initiatives up and running? Or would you like someone to engage with you in solving your business problems?

Together with our trusted partners we support any format, from a one-day workshop to a full business transformation.

You would like to get your iniatives up and running?

Kick start

Workshop to get your people and content into ChangeMaker.

Project setup

Short engagement to define and align project organization and rules, meeting structure and communication approach.

Project coaching

Periodic coaching of your project teams and PMO to circumnavigate project cliffs and inject best practice experience.

You want a helping hand in solving business problems?


Uncover your map of options and methodically identify your best and most robust strategies for a volatile world.


Define actionable initiatives with clearly defined impact and build the right concerns for implementation.


Keep your people focussed on rigorous execution to yield maximum impact. It is a marathon, not a sprint.

ChangeMaker®. Mastering Change. Reaching targets.