Figures paint a clear picture

Why Six Sigma?

Reducing defects, waste and variation within your processes is indispensable to make continuous improvement happen. Using statistical data enables you to deduce the right decisions based on facts in a short time, which is essential in a fast moving environment.

Stay on track

Six Sigma is a quantitative approach to improve processes. Deviation from the standard indicates the need for closer examination. A KPI-based analysis of performance allows your team to reveal weak spots and enables you to systematically move along cause-effect-chains to get to the root of any issue.

Six Sigma Pitfalls & ChangeMaker® Solutions

Careless collection of data prevents understanding

Measurement and costly data collection are key aspects of data-driven six sigma projects. Keeping your valuable data together is essential to be able to make use of them. Without a proper system for measured data and KPIs, your teams will not be able to deduce valid conclusions.

KPIs as constant companions

Automated KPIs appear as a natural constituent of the ChangeMaker user interface. They edit and aggregate the relevant data you want to keep an eye on. Therefore, you will never miss out on anything again.
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Technophobia inhibits great potential

Six Sigma relies on technology and software, indeed many people are averse of facing up with such solutions. Making use of technology is indispensable to leverage the potential of six sigma projects. Without the understanding and acceptation of tools, people miss the opportunity to simplify and improve their work.

Technology as an ally

ChangeMaker's intuitive user interface allows you to understand its characteristics in a minimum of time and without any coding knowledge. ChangeMaker is comfortable to integrate into your everyday work and applications like calendars or e-mails can easily be added to the interface. Therefore, it will be a waltz to work your way into the features and to explore the benefits of the tool.
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The wrong corporate culture inhibits Six Sigma

Implementing various methods for continuous improvement will not be enough. Initiating cultural change within the firm is essential to align the mindset of the people to the participative Lean philosophy. Without the right mindset, Lean approaches like Six Sigma will come across misunderstanding and resistance.

ChangeMaker as an enabler

ChangeMaker promotes transparency and lean activities through its clear and intuitive user interface. It enables you to set a timeframe with fixed deadlines while granting enough space for your teams to work on creative solutions. Therefore, ChangeMaker paves the way for a transition to Lean and the implementation of methods like Six Sigma.
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