Make problem solving transparent

Why A3 Reports?

Systematic problem solving is one of the key capabilities your Team should have to enable improvement in the first place.

At a glance

A3 is a lean management-tool that will help you solve problems. The A3 report is a document in which you can display a whole process in seven steps on one single page. 

It is based on the PDCA-Cycle. Whereas the left-hand side of the document displays the Plan, the three other stages (Do, Check, Act) can be prepared on the right-hand side. 

Through close collaboration on every step from problem definition to concrete results, combined with an active knowledge exchange, your team will be able to get down to the root of every trouble. While discussing on every step of the process, the A3 report reflects all results and allows you to present a consistent report, propose enhancements, or use it for other fertile purposes.


As the A3 method involves the whole team to deal with the issue, it empowers your people to independently solve problems. This does not only release you as a leader, but also qualifies your colleagues to cope with more and more complex tasks.

A3 Report Pitfalls & ChangeMaker® Solutions

"One size fits all" abstracts from your needs

The application of an A3 report as a blueprint will not satisfy all the individual requirements of your projects. Adapting the tool to the specific projects is vital to allow all the important nuances to be recognized in your solution approach. Without a matching, well-structured A3 report, your team will only get a constraint perspective on the state of facts.

Reports as a made-to-measure product

ChangeMaker provides you with automatic reports for various fields of application which only takes a few klicks. Report layouts can in addition be apapted to the individual demands of your project. Therefore, your special needs can be strictly fulfilled without any greater effort.
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Confusion over chaotic data is wasted effort

Writing on paper sheets often seems like a quick solution, but fuels the fragmentation of information within your project. Having access to the right information without a jumble of papers is necessary to work together on ambitious projects. Without a clear data origin, your team will spend a lot of precious time searching for documents.

ChangeMaker as the single source of truth

ChangeMaker consolidates all the information of your project ("What you can not find there, does not exist."). To make using ChangeMaker more compelling than a handy piece of paper, the tool provides you with pleasant templates for any occasion with an intuitive usability. Therefore, keeping your documents in order will become irresistible.
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Physical separation may impede cooperative work

Cooperation over distance is a general challenge when it comes to project work. Being able to work together on the same A3 report is important to combine all the creative ideas for the best solution. Without a common data origin and the function to cooperate in real time, location-independent teamwork will be tiring and nonproductive.

ChangeMaker as a central contact

As a web-based tool, ChangeMaker allows you to work together on the same documents in real-time while always being up to date about the current status of your projects. ChangeMaker is a central hub for all informations (milestones. documents, etc.) where all relevant data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Therefore, homeoffice and teamwork over distance are not an issue.
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