A continuous improvement process

Why Kaizen?

Imagine being in a constant flow of change for the better. Various small improvements pave the way for future milestones and eventually an extraordinary outcome to delight your customers. 


Kaizen is a method which focusses on customers, quality, processes, critical reflection and the standardization of the best idea.

To meet ambitious targets, cross-competence teams show close cooperation, an analytical mindest, pragmatism and the drive to make the best of processes. Process optimization does also require an appropriate workspace and an efficient work performance which can be achieved with the 5s (or 6s) method.

Iteration makes perfect

To run a continuous improvement process, Kaizen makes use of a repetitive framework: The PDCA-Cycle. 

Acting on iterative PDCA-Cycles (Plan, Do, Check, Act) implies concise definitions of measures, their execution and finally the contemplation of the whole process. 

The final step includes the KPI-based comparison of targets and actual conditions to rationalize progress and deduce further steps: learn from your mistakes and repeat the whole process or succeed and jump to the next challenge.

Kaizen Pitfalls & ChangeMaker® Solutions

Kaizen without proper KPIs comes to nothing

Some teams do not pay enough attention choosing the right KPI to measure progress. Monitoring processes with sound KPIs is necessary to work on targets effectively. Without a clear picture, you will lose track over the project and fail putting your work into concrete results.

KPIs as constant companions

Automated KPIs appear as a natural constituent of the ChangeMaker user interface. They edit and aggregate the relevant data you want to keep an eye on. Therefore, you will never miss out on anything again.
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The wrong corporate culture inhibits Kaizen methods

Implementing various methods for continuous improvement will not be enough. Initiating cultural change within the firm is essential to align the mindset of the people to the participative Kaizen philosophy. Without the right mindset, Kaizen approaches will come across misunderstanding and resistance.

ChangeMaker as an enabler

ChangeMaker promotes transparency and Kaizen activities through its clear and intuitive user interface. In enables you to set a timeframe with fixed deadlines while granting enough space for your teams to work on creative solutions. Therefore, ChangeMaker paves the way for a transition to Kaizen.
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Physical separation may impede cooperative work

Cooperation over distance is a general challenge when it comes to project work. Being able to work together on the same artifact is important to combine all the creative ideas for the best solution. Without a common data origin and the function to cooperate in real time, location-independent teamwork will be tiring and nonproductive.

ChangeMaker as a central contact

As a web-based tool, ChangeMaker allows you to work together on the same documents in real-time while always being up to date about the current status of your projects. ChangeMaker is a central hub for all informations (milestones. documents, etc.) where all relevant data can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Therefore, homeoffice and teamwork over distance are not an issue.
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