Management Program Platform.

Because management is by program.

Good management is about making good changes to the value creation of your company.

But 60 – 80% of such management programs fail to reach their goals.

ChangeMaker helps you make changes to your value creation – fast and on target.

For all management programs

Transformation, strategy implementation, fast turnaround, reorganization, material cost management, productivity improvement, restructuring, risk management, OKRs and many more: ChangeMaker boosts speed and hit rate of any management program. One tool for all.

For all relevant information

Tasks, milestones, phases, KPIs of any kind, descriptions, classifications, communication, roles, risks, resources, surveys, guidelines, manuals, charts: ChangeMaker captures all relevant information in a clear and connected way to stimulate insight and action. One tool for all.

For all roles & stakeholders

C-Level, heads of business or functional areas, PMO, project leads and project members: ChangeMaker is used by, and provides benefits to, all stakeholders – e.g., with its personal dashboards, automatic reports, ready-made templates and real-time information tailored to individual needs. One tool for all.

For critical success factors

Agility, transparency, factfulness, commitment, self-efficacy, positive competition, nudging, psychological safety, dependability, implementation orientation: ChangeMaker’s patented user interface, proven workflows and templates align project success and personal well-being. One tool for all.

In contrast, portfolio management, project management and analytics/visualization tools are not prepared for management projects (no templates etc.), do not engage all stakeholders (only subgroups), are limited to specific information types (e.g. tasks or milestones), and are not optimized for large-group success (but tend to serve small groups)

Companies worldwide rely on ChangeMaker for their most important initiatives:

Transformation success depends on the number of people with visible milestones and tasks assigned.

Overall return can even decrease if less than 7% of the employees are visibly involved in the transformation.

Do your usual tools support (or even prevent) broad and visible participation?

Study result reported in McKinsey Quarterly 2021 Number 3

ChangeMaker is so effective because it combines
neuroscientific insights and the Benefits Alignment Method (BAM). Some example functions and their alignment of stakeholder and program benefit:

C-Level benefit: Role-appropriate self-efficacy through immediate ability to issue-focus, understand, intervene, and keep boards aligned

Manager benefit: Better judgement through nudging big picture thinkers into detail and vice versa. Positive competition through transparency

Staff benefit: Sense of belonging through village-like “my place, my context”. Self efficacy through visibility of personal impact

Program benefit: Mobilisation of all stakeholders. Improved quality of actions and trade-offs. Increased program speed

Staff benefit: Sense of purpose and relevance through seeing actions in the context of financial or or non-financial business effects

Program benefit: Development of best practices. Continuous improvement of staff skills. Growth of entrepreneurial thinking habits

Management benefit: Less memory load and sense of differentiated control through external memory aids and intelligent editing rights

Staff benefit: Increased sense of autonomy and decreased feelings of reactance through adaptability of requests to changing circumstances

Program benefit: Less time wasted on stakeholder group friction. Superior trade-off between fixed goals and evolving constraints 

Staff benefit: Tangible efficiency through real-time, automatic reports tailored to each level of the reporting cascade

Management benefit: Trusted authenticity through protected information extracted directly from the single-source-of-truth database

Program benefit: Real information, not beautified narratives. Saved time for real-world progress. No information delay through hierarchy

Staff benefit: Sense of safety and achievement through easy-access know-how, clear and paced scope, and low-barrier help & feedback

PMO benefit: Less time wasted on repetitive explanations, checks, reminders through delegation to ChangeMaker. Less role friction

Program benefit: Participation of the entire staff, independent of prior domain experience. Higher quality of end products. Increased speed


ChangeMaker®. Mastering Change. Reaching targets.