For all organizations in the world embracing change
ChangeMaker® ensures speed and target achievement
because it is built around the design of the human mind.

Single Source of Truth

Information scattered across tools wastes our time and risks our decision quality. ChangeMaker replaces the usual tool zoo: Presentation, spreadsheet, emailing, project planning and task management software, team drives, mindmaps and protocols will be history. One for all. The result: Time saved, decisions improved.

From Idea to Impact

Only 30% of initiatives make it from idea to expected impact. ChangeMaker has all the functionalities to safeguard your initiatives end-to-end. It seamlessly supports all phases, from goal definition and idea generation via evaluation and decision to implementation and impact tracking. One for all. The result: Superior speed and target achievement. 

Bridging Agile and Classical

Many (but not all) types of work benefit from agile and network approaches. ChangeMaker enables you to mix and match agile and classical ways of working as required. One for all. The result: Improved productivity and work satisfaction.

From Big Picture to Detail (and back)

Good management requires switching perspectives, e.g. between big picture and detail, core and context, process and impact. ChangeMaker’s patented user interface, personal overview and automatic reporting make switching perspectives really easy. One for all. The result: Effective leadership, true business optimization. 

Proven in the Real World

Real programs require stable routines as well as exception management to be successful. Manage your meeting cascade including agenda setting, minutes and tracking in ChangeMaker. Channel all those help requests, reviews and escalations through ChangeMaker. One for all. The result: Full transparency, no loose ends.  

ChangeMaker® - One for All

For Executives & Stakeholders

Oversee 100%, focus on the critical 5%. Drive execution and impact on all levels of your organization

For PMOs & Directors

Master scope, schedule and status. Delegate reporting and reminding to ChangeMaker

For Project & Initiative Leaders

Organize and engage your team day-to-day. Tasks, KPIs, reports, comments, files - everything at a glance

For Team Members

See the context and impact of your work. Get a personal overview of everything relevant to you

Some UIPs of ChangeMaker - write us
if you know of a tool that has these, too

Data protection and security

Data encryption

Data at rest encrypted with AES-256. Data in transit secured with TLS 1.2. External automated PEN tests


Full support for SAML, OIDC and other identity providers in the login process. 2FA supported

Dev process

Code review (4 eyes) of all code deployed. Separation of dev, test & production systems with RBAC


ISO 27001 certified. Servers in Germany fulfill BDSG and EU-GDPR. External DPO: Dr. Jochen Notholt

Data validation

Validation of input values before & during server processing. Optional antivirus scan of uploaded files

Data resilience

Data is stored redundantly with physically separated backup & disaster recovery routine

Data isolation

Multi-tenant setup and silo architecture to guarantee strict data isolation between customers


Continuous uptime and performance monitoring. Click on the icon above for current uptime details

ChangeMaker®. Mastering Change. Reaching targets.